6 Meters Band

My 6m story has began in 2005 with a simple dipole , in 2010 i was using a big DJ2UT XP508 multiband beam antenna who was able to give me some better results on 6m.
In 2011 i use my 4elements steppir on 6 with some mods with length on the controler and fix passiv elements.
Since 2012 i decide to built a dedicated tower with 2 * 6 elements on 6m boom ,special design for 3.3m stack.

Now since August 2016 using 2 X 7 elements with 4.4m stack on a dedicated Versatower BP40.

29 Mar 2023 : 137 DXCC , 124 confirmed ( LoTw / paper qsl );i do not count the eqsl).
630 Locators. 499 cmf
Maps of worked locators :