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6 Meters spring 2017

Summer is on the way and always looking fror new DXCC and locators on 6m. 2 X 7elts on a Versatower at 14 and 18m gnd , IC7300 , acom1000. C u on bands ( i prepare also update on low bands during summer season!)


I ll be actif from Ivory Coast as TU7C team 9-19 March 2017. C U on air !

QRV again 160M with new tower and system

Now back on 160m with a modified system … infos to come soon !

Back on 6m !

The 2 x 7 elements 50 Mhz are on place and working !

QRV again 160m and later 6m

So it still my small half-sloper on 160m as topband antenna system and help in RX with k9ay … keep in touch… 😉

Wind 8-9 feb 2016

WEATHER ALERT : Wind will blow up than 105kmh , High GUST

January 2016

So my station is QRV exept 160/80/30m , some logistics problems and heavy QRM due to shitty plasma TV or light et..c perturb me in evenings…so poor RX …


K9AY again QRV

I have again put my K9AY antenna , 1st test was to hear RADIO CAROLINE on 1368 kHz this week end 30 oct -1nov special event. Switching box with 4 directions still working fine, but the 300 Khz-30 Mhz preamp adjusted to 16 dB in the line give better results up to 7 Mhz. Listening BRETAGNE …

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