HF Antennas

3 elements StepIR 6-20m bands @ 18.5m gnd

2 elements 40m band 7m boom long @ 21m gnd

Rotable dipole 30m band home-made @ 19.5m gnd

Inverted Vee for 80m band with relay switch to ssw/cw band @ 18m gnd

Half-Sloper 160m band @ 17m

Rotator SPID Big Rak

Tower is a CTA telescopic/bending 18M high

Tower is grounding and has arround 40 radials 7 to 20m longs.

Pictures of December 2015 : (Just missing the 2 * 8 elts 50 Mhz on the VHF/UHF tower )


Here is picture in Marsh 2015

qra mars 2015

80M band, 2*20m long inverted Vee is between 9 and 18m of the ground on 2 of the 9m pole at each side. With an astuce i can cover from 3500-380 0Khz with swr Under 1.9 !