Historic since 2005

I am qrv since 2005 from jn39gg.

Previous ants were only 12e VHF at 13m gnd and a 50Mhz dipole @ 9m gnd along the tower untill 2007.

Next has come a conrad windom so 26m + 13m long with 1/6 balun ; i have began in HF with.

12r vhf 2008

In 2009 i have add a 3e tribander beam TH-3 on tower at 12.5m gnd and 12e VHF has rise upper.

TH3 12e vhf


In 2010 i change to a 8 band antenna beam a sommer antenna DJ2UT xp-508 and add a trolley lifting system on the tower.

dj2ut xp508